Joanna Saturna in 1903-2005

1903 The built of the ship was ready 30th of May 1903 in Vlaardingen, Holland. Gebr. van der Windt built her at the De Hoops shipyard for J.H Warneke from den Haag. She was given name Joanna Saturna I and was registered in Vlaardingen as VL.74. The ship was built for herring fishing; it was a "Herring drifter". The first captain was Leendert Hoogendijk. The hull was made of riveted steel plates and she sailed her first 25 years.

1927 August 25th the ship was sold to B. Heinecke from Hamburg. The new owner changed her to a freighter going on machine power (motor 30 HP Deutche Werke). The rig remained still the same. She got a new name, Marie, in 17th March 1928.

1931 Fifth of March she was sold to Jacob M. Witt from Finkenwärder.

1955 11th of January Witt sold her to Arnfinn Nodevik from Haugesund Norway. Her name was changed to Ran and the new motor was 90HP Wichmann.

1958 The new owner was Aanen and Theodor Mörkesdal from Mandal

1966 Hans Invaldsen from Haugesund bought the ship with 170 000 Norvegian kronor.

1968 The new owner became Raider Iden.

1976 Daniel Veda from Bergen bought the ship and installed a new motor 340 HP MTU.

1995 The ship was used for transporting sand.

1996-2000 The owner was Einar Hernar from Norway. Her name was changed to Fjordsand.

2000 In February 2000 Mikko Karvonen from Helsinki, Finland bought the ship from Bergen in Norway when the old owner Einar Hernar was retired. In June 2000 Karvonen with the help of his friends drove the ship with her own machine from Bergen to Helsinki. The travel of approximately 1100 miles went without any problems. Three years later she had her 100th birthday and she got back her original name Joanna Saturna.

2005 Joanna Saturna goes back to her roots after a long restoration work. The ship was ready to sail in spring 2005 

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