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Joanna Saturnas new home, Uusikaupunki

The dock of Varvinmäki in Uusikaupunki has long traditions with building ships. It was natural to choose a town, where sailing ship tradition is respected, as Joanna Saturnas hometown. Developing the harbour is one of the biggest priorities of the city of Uusikaupunki.

In Uusikaupunki has been built, renovated and repaired also other important vessels. Frigate Oldenburg was changed during 1930-31 to training ship Suomen Joutsen for the Finnish navy. Sixty years later, year 1992, training ship Helena was built for Sail Training Association Finland..

The hundred-year-old ship represents the maritime heritage of Uusikaupunki. Joanna Saturna is a part of the maritime surroundings and the environment developed with values of ecological durability as well as for the people and companies. The unemployment level on the dock has decreased a little, because the building of the old iron logger created 8-10 man-years of work.

Old Uusikaupunki

The location of Uusikaupunki in relation to inland and the favourable harbour conditions have been the reasons for founding the town in 1617. The ten years long period free of taxes after the towns’ foundation tempted plenty of rural tradesman and peasant sailors to the area. Under Sweden the inhabitants of Uusikaupunki had only permission to sail to the harbours around the Baltic Sea. When Russia took over year 1830 the town was given a trading rights, which gave the permission to sail around the world. The ships from Uusikaupunki visited every important harbour around the world.

Following the example of the bourgeoisie of Pori, also the bourgeoisie of Uusikaupunki started to transport timber to the Mediterranean. The cargo transported back was salt. Both the sea fare and trade flourished that time. In the end of 19th century the sailing-ship fleet was the second biggest in Finland. In the end of the decade the influence of industrialisation started to be visible. The wood went over to iron, the sails to steam. The market of the timber decreased a lot by the development of the saw industry. The price of timber dropped to the level that it was not profitable to transport it on sailing ships.

The inhabitants of Uusikaupunki did not give up, instead the traditional coast trade started to go over to freight traffic. When they in England went over to steam craft, the Finns bought iron sailing ships that were removed from the use. Uusikaupunki was the new home for 21 of them. The ships were able to compete the steamers some more decades, but the final result was acknowledged since a long time. Bad transport connections to inland and the end of the era of sailing ships helped the neighbour towns develop faster and the small town with its 4000 inhabitants could not follow in the competition anymore.

First in the 1960´s Uusikaupunki and its harbour became more interesting to companies. Uusikaupunki got a fertilizer factory as well as a car factory, which both have had a big effect on the growth of the town and the harbour.

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